We fly three classes at each contest: Open, Sportsman, and Novice.

We fly using the AMA Radio Control Soaring Competition Regulations.

Variations and exceptions are detailed in the PPSS Local/Standing Rules or will be provided by the Contest Director in contest announcements as well as at the pilots meeting.

Open Intended for experienced pilots who want to compete at the highest level. Landing points will be by a precision landing task typically L4 Spot landing or L6 Graduated Runway landing (See AMA Regulations).
Sportsman Pilots who have learned to control their sailplanes during launch and landing phases and who need more competitive experience before advancing to the Open class. The Sportsman is also for those club members who are just more comfortable in this class because of preferred equipment or physical limitations. Landing points will be by a precision landing task typically L4 Spot landing or L6 Graduated Runway landing (See AMA Regulations).

Note: Open and Sportsman classes will use the same landing task in the contests.
Novice This class is for those flyers just learning to control their aircraft and/or have had little exposure to contest flying. Sportsman or Open flyers will help the Novice throughout the contest. Landing must be within the field boundaries and within two minutes after the task time has been completed or points will be deducted. Since most sailplane damage occurs as inexperienced pilots attempt to land on time and on spot there are no landing points for this class.

The contestant will declare his class to the CD at the first official points contest he enters and is expected to remain in that class for the entirety of the season.

The sum of the best five scores from all counting contests will be a pilot's club standing. Entry fees are $5 for each of our contests. The Challenge Cup entry fee is set by RMSA.

Electric Assist Sailplanes are permitted in regular Thermal Duration contests provided that it is equipped with an altitude limiter set for 150 meters or 30 second motor run whichever comes first.

Note: Novice flyers wanting to fly electric assist sailplanes but not having an altitude limiter for their airplane will be allowed to fly with direction by the CD as to their launch altitude. PPSS may have an altitude limiter available in the CD Kit. Also please see the Standing Rules for further launch rules for electric assist sailplanes.

Watts o' Fun is our electric contest. It will follow general AMA ALES rules. It will not count toward club standings.

The Howling Coyote Contest is our night fly contest. This is a members only event. It will not count toward club standings.

The Colorado Challenge Cup is flown against the Denver club (RMSA). This contest will count toward club standing if you fly on the PPSS team. The top PPSS pilot will get 1000 points and other PPSS pilots will be scored off that. This contest is not considered an out-of-town contest. It is considered one of our regular contests.

The Woody Fly-In is not a points contest rather it is a feature event intended to revisit the low pressure fun of sailplanes built by hand from Balsa and Spruce. Back in the day our sport was multi-faceted requiring some capability to design and build a glider as well as to fly it successfully. Many of our members still enjoy this aspect of R/C sailplanes and so we provide a venue for that purpose.

The Woody Fly-In is only mildly competitive and instead will offer fun and sometimes experimental events. The base event is the "Ladder" where entrants seek to fly 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 minute rounds in an escalating fashion capped by LSF landing bonus points. Other events will be announced. Prizes with be raffled off at the end of the contest.

One out-of-town contest score for each class can be scored toward club standings. The contest must match one of our contest classes. Please send out-of-town contest scores to .

Please be sure to follow this link to the PPSS Local/Standing Rules.

Official documents (pdf): The Classes We Fly and PPSS Local/Standing Rules